Last updated April 11, 2020
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NSEA General E-Mail:   Info@nsea.com.

Web Master E-Mail:   Randy@nsea.com.

.675 System Owner E-Mail:   Randy@nsea.com.

.700 and .650 System Owner E-Mail:   MarcDrazin@GMail.com.

.725 Cooperating Evanston System Owner (Matt) E-Mail:   Norcom911@HotMail.com.

GMRS licensees:

To request permission to utilize the NSEA and NSEA cooperating repeaters,
or apply for NSEA membership,
download the Information Request Form here.

If your browser doesn't download the file, try using its Print Menu to Save as pdf, or File Menu to Export as .pdf.

Fill out the Form and either
save the file, or take a screen shot of the completed Form,
and send to: Info@NSEA.com.

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