NSEA began conducting weekly Radio Network Check-ins in the late 1960's, first on CB, and later on GMRS.  We've found that this is a good way to assure that your equipment remains in good working order and also to regularly practice disciplined radio procedure.

            All licensed GMRS operators are welcome and encouraged to check in.  This is an excellent way to make yourself known as a potential communications resource in time of emergency or disaster.

Any licensed GMRS operator may open the Net on .675 in an emergency, and also for declared Tornado Watches and especially Tornado Warnings.  A call to Unit 500 is a request that any NSEA unit answer, and unit 1,000 is a request for any station on the system to answer.


EMERGENCY: An immediate threat to life or property. Supersedes all other traffic. All other units must immediately Stand by.
(Example: "Five Two Six, EMERGENCY.")

PRIORITY: An urgent matter needing prompt attention, but not an emergency. (Example, "Five Seven Zero, PRIORITY.")

(ROUTINE): All other traffic, which must yield to EMERGENCY and PRIORITY traffic. No priority is stated when transmitting ROUTINE traffic.

            The Net is also used to make announcements, such as actions at the FCC, Skywarn or other training opportunities relating to two-way radio, etc.   You exercise the option to pass such information by stating that you “have traffic” when you first check in with Net Control.  Net Control will acknowledge that you have traffic and call you back after the roll call is finished so you can pass your traffic.

            Regular authorized users of the .675 Repeater should identify with their assigned unit number for their radio.  Transient users may use their home system name and unit number (if they have one).  All operators must additionally identify with their FCC Call Sign as required by  §95.119 of the FCC Rules and Regulations.


Day and Time : Sunday evening, 7:00 P.M. Central Time

Main System :  GMRS .675 repeater - transmit on 467.675 MHz, tone 141.3 (4A), receive 462.675 MHz


Net Preamble Document

Net Unit Number Call Sheet (updated Live during the net)

FRS and the NSEA Weekly Radio Net


Would you like experience conducting the Net as the Net Control Operator?  You may pass this request to Net Control when checking in any week.  Arrangements will be made as practicable for an experienced NSEA control operator to work with you during a future Net.